Given the instability I am experiencing on my NetWare server, which runs the MTA, GWIA and POA, I am considering moving everything to a Windows server. I am specifically looking to move these agents to my current GW WebAccess server.

Currently I am running all the agents (8.0.2) on a NetWare 6.5sp8 box - which is
I'd like to move these agents to a Windows Server 2003SP2 box ( (4) Xeon 3.05GHZ with 3.75GB RAM) which is currently running GW WebAccess 8.0.2 - that IP is

Is this a smooth transition? How would I actually go about performing this? Do I install the apps on the Windows server and transfer from one to the other? Is there a migration tool? Would I then change the IP address of the Windows server to so that clients connect seamlessly?

When I used to run WebAccess on NetWare it was horrible. Since I moved it to Windows over a year ago, I have not had any problems. I'm looking to get the same experience from the agents now.

Thanks very much in advance,