I have a user whose inbox is not showing any messages when he uses the GroupWise program. I tried upgrading him to the newest version we have (8.2 I believe) and the issue persisted. I tried a restart and the issue persisted. I had him log in to a different computer's GW client (my machine) and the issue carried over. If he logs in to the web client, he can access his inbox fine and sees all his messages. If someone send him a message, and notify is turned on, he gets the proper notification and can open the message that way, but once the notify option is gone, the inbox shows the brackets like he has another new message, but nothing shows up in the window when selecting the inbox. I have eliminated all the variables I can think of and like I said, the problem does not exist when using the web client. His sent items, trash, and everything else display fine, but when you click on the inbox, you get an empty window, despite the fact that GroupWise indicates he has new messages and the web version proves he has at least 30 messages sitting in his inbox. Any help is appreciated!