I am in the process of moving many servers from Netware to OES2.

I consolidate the data at our main location. (I have had to do an ncp mount to configure the data for consolidation). When complete I take the server to the remote location where I change the IP address to the local subnet. I also run the ipchangesp2.sh file as well.

Of course I then want to sync the data when I get there. However the saved project will not open. (I can't remember the exact error I get when I try to open it). I have to start a new project. Waiting for the data to migrate, over 100GB, is a pain.

I have located the IP address of the Target server in several logfiles. I do not recall ever entering the IP address in the miggui anywhere. Otherwise I might try the DNS name.

Has anyone else encountered this. Any ideas?

Thank you ahead!