We just installed our Mobility Pack. We are using a wildcard certificate from Register.com. They have sent us five certificates... all of them are CRT files, except the .key file.

certificate.crt - this is issued to *.uca.edu
Intermediary_Certificate_1.crt - UTN-USERFirst-Hardware
Intermediary_Certificate_2.crt - Register.com CA SSL
Root_Certificate.crt - AddTrust External CA

They sent a combined.ca.crt file that appears to contain (as they appear)


I've added the server.key to the top of the other three and have tried to use it as my mobility.pem. Unfortunately this does not work. I cannot connect. I can use the default mobility.pem and receive the invalid certificate notice.

Any one have any clues as to how these things need to be ordered?

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas