I have 3 OES Linux servers, and 2 OES netware 6.5 sp8 servers on the netowrk right now. I am in the middle of changing them all to OES linux. have the 2 left to do. I have everything moved off one the netware server a one building and ahve changed all the clients to point to the new oes linux server for contextless login and ldap. All the servers are in the tree everything was fine. So today I downed the netware server to see what would happen. I rebooted a machine and I get no tree or server found. so I thought it was a glitch on the pc I restarted it again and still no tree or server found. So I brought up the netware server and then bang it logged in. I have went through every single setting on the client and nothin point to this old server anywhere. What am I missing here?