Running GW8.0.2 on NW6.5sp8.

Of 65 users added to DS Mobility Pack, I have 9 that will not synchronize. On the GroupWise connector, on the "Audit Users" tab, these 9 users show "None" in the "Last Active" column. On the Mobility connector, on the "Monitor" tab in the "User Status" section, the same 9 users show "Failed" in the "Sync State" column.

I think this may be Post Office related; of the 9 users who don't sync, there are 2 on the same PO (the only 2 from that PO who were added to DS Mobility Pack).

SOAP is enabled on all Post Offices. There are no special characters in the users' usernames or contexts. I have verified in ConsoleOne that the POA settings are identical between a PO with users who DO sync and a PO with users who DON'T sync. I have also run GWChecks on several of these users' Post Offices AND individual mailboxes. I am able to log into one of these users' mailboxes (I have his credentials), and there are no unusual issues within his mailbox that I can see.

Why would Data Synchronizer have a problem syncing these users' mailboxes? Where else should I look?