I'm at latest Service packs for Linux, GroupWise POA and DataSync ( 104 ).

My GroupWise and Mobility connectors are set to 1,536 kb for the Maximum attachment size.

Apparently, the limitation is not for the whole email including attachments but for each attachment.

With my settings, I can receive on my device an email with 10 attachments of 1,500 kb each giving a total of a 15 MB email received on the device.

But the system will block the attachment for another email if the attachment is 2,000 kb size for a total of only 2 MB total email. ???

This does not really make sense ... The limitation should be for the whole email ???


Something else ... When the attachment is too big, over the limitation .. The Email is still delivered to the device but NO trace at all there was an attachment in that email.

Do you think that can be possible to add something like attachmentxyz was stripped because of the size limitation or something like that, a warning about dropped/stripped
attachments ...


On the device inbox.

Email with No PaperClip.
Forwarding an email with attchment of 320 Kb. The attached email seems to be stripped entirely , no trace of that Forward email and his attachment.

Email With PaperClip.
Forwarding an email with attchment of 494 Kb. I see the attached email Subject.eml but can't do anything with it.

Email with No PaperClip.
Forwarding an email with attchment of 120 kb. The attached email is embedded in the email and with the attachment. We are loosing the header of the Forwarded email
( From, CC:, Bcc:, subject ).


Any idea if I can do something from my side to fix or adjust those attachment issues ?