Hi everyone!

Been trying to build a unattend Win 7 image for a while now and need some help.

To prepare an image I just install Win7 and at the welcome screen ctrl+shift+f3. Then I modify some, enable file and printer sharing, turn of UAC, disable windows program compability assistant in local policys(couse it complained about some program installs like vcredist etc) install a few nic drivers with pnputil (could'nt get the driverpath option in the unattend.xml to work) and then placed some files in there catalogs:

SetupComplete.bat in %systemroot%\setup\scripts (deletes unattend.xml before firstlogon)
runonceex.bat in %systemdrive% (containes all install steps, unfortunly with cmd /c that promts)
compnametoserial.vbs in %systemdrive% (change computername to serial during last reboot)
cleanup.bat in %systemdrive% (delete local user account, disconnect shares, deletes the installation files and reboot the machine)

The installation process is
  • win7 licensing
  • changename after serial
  • map shares
  • install drivers with HP ssm solution
  • copying novell client localy and install (this fail big time both becouse it ask to trust Novell.inc and becouse I cant figure out how to make the install silent)
  • install zenworks preagent with -x -q for silent and suppress reboot
  • then disconnect shares, deleting the local user I'm forced to make during windows install and finally cleanup.

Would love to prevent all cmd windows to popup so that only runonceex windows shows and also fix the novell client install problems.

The image I capture in pxe maintenance mode.

Is there anyone that knows how to fix my preblems.