I have installed Zenworks 10.3 for testing and am doing an LDAP discovery.

I have one PC in the OU, it is in a subnet and using DHCP.

I created a discovery task to discover the PC which it did and it added it to the deployable devices.

I moved the PC to a new subnet and did another discovery task, the task did not pick up the new IP address.

I deleted the PC from deployable devices and it reran the discovery task, it still discovered the PC with the old address.

I check the PC and it had the new subnet IP address, I check the DHCP server and the old address was not longer in DHCP and new address was.

I did a nslookup on the server where Zenworks is installed and it sees the PC with the new address.

I deleted the PC again and waited an hour or so and tried another discovery and it still picked up the old IP address.

I used ADSI Edit to look at all the fields for the PC object in LDAP and there is no IP address field that I can see.
So I would assume that Zenworks would be using another method to get the IP address.

How does Zenworks reslove the IP address for an LDAP discovery, is it being cached even after deletion?

I know I could try an IP address discovery but this problem seems to be a bug.

Any ideas?