We had a perfectly working novell OES server, and wanted to create a backup. Using Acronis Backup and Recovery Advanced Server Software. This worked a treat on our SBS 2008 Server. We went to run it for Novell OES and a system lock up occured and services such as Iprint then disabled. A server restart recovered the server after a few attempts.

We then learnt that the server could not write files to an NTFS formatted USB drive. This was the ideal destination to test the backup. However we could not even write a simple file to the drive without an error message about permissions.

We then learnt that Linux needs a package called NTFS-3G to enable NTFS writing permissions. This did fix the writing issues. We attempted to run another back up which again failed, bringing down the server. We again attempted to reboot the server this time we fail to get to the graphical user login.

At the suse Linux Enterprice boot screen we select "boot from hard disc". Which fails immediately with "GDM could not write a new autorisation entry to disk...Error no space left on drive". When the boot eventually continues, a large number of things fail with the same message about No space left on device.

tHE NEXT MESSAGE START Could not start the X server due to some internal error.

Can anyone please suggest what is wrong?