I'm going on my 3rd batch of systems now that I've been using ZCM imaging to deploy and have run into trouble with the last 2 times, been through the forums, followed best practices and keep running into trouble. What is the "right way" to sysprep and image XP systems like under Zen 6.5/7. By that I mean the following process:
Install XP operating system and minimal support applications. Install Zen agent and use Zen applications to deploy the rest of the software installations. Sysprep the system, save the image, then deploy to all systems getting the image.

Here are the two scenarios that I ran into so far...
Doing the previous mentioned processes exactly as described the first time around all of the workstations came in under the same GUID. I had to manually uninstall ZCM and reinstall it on all of the systems to get them to get a unique GUID. All machines appear in ZCM as they should ever since but all do share a bundle/patch deployment issue that I think goes back to how they were imaged.

Round 2:
After the issues that I had on my first time around I did my homework on the forums and best practices guides, used the 'zac fsg -d' command, cleared the GUID info from ziswin, deleted the devicedata and deviceguid files, run sysprep, save image, deploy to machines. After imaging and the machine comes back up I ran 'zac reg -g' and the machines imported properly. Unfortunately, when I ran service pack updates after these machines updated they all imported under the same GUID again.

Like I said, what is the 'correct' process, what am I missing? What steps should I change? I have 40 systems coming through the system in a couple of months and don't really want to run around to computers again to fix issues after the fact.