We have problems with FTP proxy when downloading. Uploading is no
problem at all. But when we start downloading a file is being
transfered to the client, but when the last bytes come in, and the
server replies: 226 transfer completed. Only the client keeps waiting
for more data. (this goes for windows ftp.exe, ws_ftp, and flashfxp,
CuteFTP returns with: Warning! Invalid FTP reply received: 3 digit
number expected at the beginning of the server reply.)

Downloading by useing the HTTP proxy works fine.

Another issue is that ASCII transfers with the FTP proxy end up being a
couple of bytes too large.

I tried patching bordermanager to the latest version (bm38sp4), same
goes for TCPIP (tcp610m). Neither had any effect. I also tried about
all proxy.cfg options i could find, that had no result either.

Filtering is something we rather not do, being a very big enviroment
and the seeing the access control list as one of the mayor plusses of

This problem is keeping me awake at night it would be nice if i had a
clue where to look next.

Thanks in advance!