Before I explain my problem, I may have a quick solution. The server (OES2SP2 Linux) I am having problems with is running in VMWare vSphere 4 on NFS. I have NetApp snapshots available so I can restore the server to this morning's (10/11/10) snapshot. That may be the easiest way to recover from the server issues. This server holds a R/W replica of my tree. Will I have any problems with my tree synchronizing if I restore a snapshot back a few hours or a day +? My eDir tree is currently syncing fine so the rest of the tree can currently see the problem server.

I have an OES2SP2 (linux) server that I was going to add SAN (iSCSI) storage to today. I created the LUN on my storage and went to the server. I noticed it had 19 updates pending so I ran the update.

After YAST finished downloading the updates it got about halfway through the install and gave an error pop-up that it failed. I rebooted the server and ran "Online updates" from YAST and it only appeared with one update available for LUM. I assumed that since those other 19 updates didn't show up that they installed ok.

Now when I try to create the storage through iManager it gives me the error "This user does not have the correct credentials to authenticate to the CIMOM client." This happens for both my user and admin.

Also, there was already an NSS iSCSI volume that was accessible before the updates and now I'm unable to access that volume.

I would appreciate any help. I'm very new to Linux OES.

Thank you,