Hi All,

Any ideas on this one?

Sat Oct 9 00:31:43 CST 2010: Datasync.ValidateIPorHostname:data ok.
Sat Oct 9 00:31:43 CST 2010: Datasync.VerifyTrustedAppLogin:executing: python /opt/novell/datasync/syncengine/connectors/mobility/cli/gw_login.pyc --gw= --appname='MobilityPack' --key='947FF78006BD00009F182019C8A20EF1947FF78106BD0 000A2610CB7DB45C112'
Sat Oct 9 00:31:44 CST 2010: Datasync.VerifyTrustedAppLogin:return code from verify:$["exit":0, "stderr":"", "stdout":"Invalid IP address for trusted application\n"]

It doesn't like the IP address of the mail server???

Everything runs on one virtulised box.....

SUSE 10.3 64bit
GW 8.01

Thanks in advance