Terminal Server:
WIN2003 with lates updates from WindowsUpdate
ZCMAgent =
NWClient =

In this Server in the folder
C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\logs\LocalStore
in the zmd-message.log

i see this errors:
[ERROR] [10/12/2010 09:32:36.968] [968] [ZenworksWindowsService] [13] [] [BundleManager] [BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle] [Could not add bundle 01f2efe727489890d1be170ef51f6e81 to session] [] []
[ERROR] [10/12/2010 09:32:36.968] [968] [ZenworksWindowsService] [13] [] [BundleManager] [BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle] [Could not add bundle 86c7b0eb9707347d99a25c630fbf5a84 to session] [] []

For finding of a title of packets to which errors I refer I use command :

/System/System Bundles/ac109f23dd2f45d34328682452081383
zman -U Administrator -P qwerty ogp 01f2efe727489890d1be170ef51f6e81

/System/System Bundles/01f2efe727489890d1be170ef51f6e81
zcm0:~ # zman -U Administrator -P qwerty ogp 86c7b0eb9707347d99a25c630fbf5a84

/System/System Bundles/86c7b0eb9707347d99a25c630fbf5a84

How to understand that it for application?
With such numeral title I do not see real applications in the ZCM.