Do I understand that TID correctly, that with GW8 there is no iPhone sync support,
and there won't be a buildin one in future?



[snip GW7: NotifyLink]

The Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for Mobility that was released in September
of 2010 will allow users to sync their GroupWise 8.0 data directly to their IPhones,
IPads and ITouches. The GroupWise 8.0 system should be updated to Service Pack 2
in order to work successfully.

The pricing information is telling:


1.) Novell Data Synchronizer Connector is a bit more than 60$/user
2.) Current users.. (GW,T&C,OWS) .. can download the Mobility pack, so it's
isn't it?

One User GW8 lic+1Y Prio-MMT competitive currently is just 34, ~ 45 US$.

Amazing prices - propably I miss something?