Hello all, Hi Craig,

I am looking for a utility that will allow me to track down and be proactive in tracking down people using streaming audio, video, downloadinghuge files, and otherwise taking ALL the bandwidth.

I am the network administrator at a small school district. We have 2 t-1's that are pegged all day. I have used two products to help track down the problem, RTMonitor and NETMON2. These told me who is doing what RIGHT NOW!

Craig, do you have academic pricing for RTMonitor. I like it. I am also trying to purchase Netmon2 but they do not contact me.

Are there any other utilities out there that can help me?

We have an issue where a staff member is allowing the downloading of movies and music; claiming that because we are a school, we are above copyright law. We have a policy that, regardless of the law, prohibits downloading of music, videos, etc.

He says, with a wink and a nod, "I do not allow it, we have rules against it" but turns his back when confronted with his students doing it.

Anyway, I need some help building a case against this person. I need the tools to do it.

All of this is coming to a head because of a recent court case in Kenosha Wisconsin where a 67 year old retiree let his 12 year old grandson use his computer. The grandson download 4 movies. Now, having been convicted, this man faces a $600,000 fine.



Tom Hafemann