I'm currently building a new solution for my office, based on ZCM10 rather than ZDM7.
I am redoing imaging from scratch.

I've successfully made an imaging bundle that applies the correct base image, sysprep, nic driver and ZCM10 agent, it boots, installs ZCM10, boots, desktop. Here the issue come.

on ZDM7 I had all the drivers in images, but they were tedious to update considering I've got over 60 different models to make images for. Instead I've used a bundle for an driver, then put them together using bundle groups that I've mapped to a Dynamic Device Group for that specific model.

This is where the problem comes. The group is not dynamic at all, to see the new device (and for it to see its a member of the group) I have to manually refresh the device group's members.

Is this by design? Or should I just set the manufacturer / product as environment labels instead(I dont want anything other then PC name + ZCM agent done via a script), and use that? I though using Dynamic Device Groups was the way to go...