My cache hits never get over 21%. This seems odd to me as I would expect
it to change over time. If I clear the cache it will get up to 21%
within an hour then stay there. Any clue as to why what is wrong? I
don't expect to get 80% hits but I would think 21% is VERY low.

Using Craig's proxy.cfg file
using 4 cache volumes (4 4gig partitions on the same drive, traditional
file system)

Nwadmin settings:
Number of Directories: 512 (all 4 volumes listed on cache page)
Cache Hash Table Size: 256
Max Hot Nodes: 50000
Cache to Delete File Max Age Ration:400 (does do anything with immediate
purge turned on?)

most other settings are set using tuneup.ncf

Buster Flynn
Sevier County Schools