Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, but here is what this newbie to ZCM bundles is trying to do.
Goal: Disable UAC / Map drive to a Windows Server / Run 2 installers via 'rundll32' / Run Equatrax software for secure printing. We want to send this out to all of the user so they can start using the MFP's with the secure printing without sneaker-net.

Problem: I ran disable the UAC trough a regedit and reboot, I can map the drive to the Windows Server (but only logged in as the user), I can start the installer but it prompts for the Admin user's password.

I've tried running the 'rundll32' as the user (prompts for admin account pw), as system (fails) and as Dynamic Administrator (fails).

Basically the 'rundll32' I cannot get to run as a user that has administrator rights so it wont prompt for the username. I've also taken the machine and forced the Administrator Policy on it and still unable to get it to run the installer.

Or am I going about this wrong and instead of having it run once after the user logs in to instead run it at another event or another way?