NW 5.1 sp7
BM 3.8 sp3

We've recently bought a web protect product that will enable spyware
protect etc. out in the cloud. The idea is to have this as an 'upstream
proxy' for our Bordermanager proxy. Here what I did to set it up:

Enabled Chache Heirarchy Client, ticked 'Must only forward through
Added the IP address of the External Proxy server as a neighbour port 8080
Changed the rule on the firewall so the BM server can only go out to the
external proxy server named as a neighbour.
Tried to browse using IE on a client woth the bordermanager set as a
proxy - get 403 forbidden
Checked the firewall and it would seem that The BM server is still trying
to access websites directly, and not via the external proxy.

If anyone's got any ideas what I've done wrong I would be very grateful