I'm building a new environment with ZCM from scratch, the base image is working fine as far as I can see with ZCM.

I'm having some issues with the login, I never setup ZDM7 from scratch so I dont know how that part is handled other than its Novell that logins and ZDM is creating the user profile.

With ZCM, I've created a DLU(Dynamic Local User) Policy that is successfully deployed to the workstation/device, however its still not allowing me to login with test user's I have at hand. If I create a local user with the same password it logins fine, it appears unable to create a new local user.

The eDirectory I'm using as a User Source is added into ZCM. I've tried including the usernames explicitly in the policy without effect, its unable to create a local profile when the username does not have a local profile beforehand.

Any ideas?