Hi, I am using BM3.8 SP4 (post patch not applied) and NW6.5SP3. I have
applied Craig's Proxy.cfg file and this helped fix a lot of issues (I
still cannot down the server without it crashing to clear the cache and
if I do not clear the cache then people cannot get out to the internet -
but this is a completely different matter).

I have a software developer in a college that uses Windows XP SP2 and
Server 2003. He does not have ZFDAgent as he does not need it on as he
does not use Zenworks. Both systems IP and client are configured
identically (except for the IP and name of machine). The client trust
gets loaded up on both machines. The server 2003 goes out to the
internet fine. The windows XP machine will not go out unless you login
(the screen appear in the IE browser). It then times out after so long
and he has to log back in again. This is quite frustrating for him. The
other 1400 machines around the college are XP sp2 and they go out to the
internet fine. The client trust on the developer's XP machine does not
have anything in the 'Last request from' but the other machines including
the server 2003 does which is the internet server.

Network access from the XP machine works fine.

Any ideas?

Many thanks for any help you can give.