I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not please direct me to the right forum.

My supervisors have recently asked me to expand our FTP services hosted on a Netware 6.5 server for a project to share data with a sister organization. We need to drop some files in this location for them and they download them nightly.

The current file structure is Server:VOL1\FTPROOT\[Department's FTP] and I am adding the [Share FTP] to sit along side of the Department's FTP folder. Now is where I'm running into trouble. The account that was originally set up for the Department's FTP share was under a name like .DEPTFTP.MYORG and due to the original scope of the FTP project I created an FTP account OU so my shared account's name is .SHAREFTP.FTP.MYORG.

FTP access is working, but when I test/compare the two accounts and sign in under DEPARTFTP, my FTP root directory is located at FTPROOT from the folder location listed above, I can't see the Shared FTP folder as I shouldn't and I can't navigate higher by clicking the [..] folder in the FTP client.

When I sign in under SHAREFTP I am connecting to the [Share FTP] location only because I put it in the FTP client, otherwise I can go all of the way up to VOL1 and see the folders there, but my folders under FTPROOT do have the correct rights assigned so that I don't see the other folders. I'm guessing that the account is picking up [Public] rights from somewhere based on what folders it is seeing on VOL1.

I've compared the accounts against each other and folder rights and can't figure out what I'm missing yet. What I'm ultimately looking for is what do I need to set to make the FTPROOT folder the 'ceiling' for the FTP client tree and not allow the account to browse up to my VOL1.