Hello all,

I am having a strange issue to say the least. I have a NW OES 6.5SP8 server running on a Quad Xeon 3.2Ghz w/4 gig of memory.

The issue I am having is that here at the school where it is running we run a program called SuccessMaker Enterprise. This program has brought this problem to my attention. When we go into the program there is a 'lag' of some kind when trying to use the program and follow the instruction on the software. What should take nearly a second can take from next to nothing up to aboug 10 to 15 seconds.

After doing some checking on the software and making sure all rights are installed, etc... I noticed that any interaction with the server is sometimes slow to respond. Sometimes it is a normal response time, others there is a period of waiting for 10 to 15 seconds.

Some login's are quick, some are slower. I have watched the monitor screen to see if there is any problems in processor or memory issues but nothing. Also watched the network utilization and nothing out of the ordinary there as well.

Any ideas?? The only thing that I could find on the Novell support site is the N65NSS8c.zip patch and also the nfsgy658c.zip that goes along with it. Is it possible that it is a NSS access problem? I am running Raid on the server with a Adaptec Card(can't remember the cards model number off the top of my head) but I know it works because I have a NW 65 SP7 server running with the same card and it is fine.

Any way I can check disk usage? I am comfortable with Novell, no formal training here, all self taught, but this one has me stumped, and like I said if it wasn't for the issue with this software this would of never caught my attention.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need to know anything let me know. We own are own fiber in the District and have a fiber backbone with 10/100/1000 HP switches so no problem on connection issues.

Just need to get it fixed.


Jim G.