We have added a lot of computers over the last year and we are starting
to see a lot of odd problems with our Bordermanager. Currently if the
"connections in use" gets over about 2000 we start getting 504s and
other errors. It's impossible to download large files during the day.
It's fine very early and late at night, just not during the normal day.
We are a school system with approx 3500 computers. A normal day sees a
steady "connections in use" of around 1800-1900 but it will peak at
times close to 3000, at which time almost nothing works correctly. I am
assuming I am bumping into some sort of barrier around 2000 connections.
It might even be a NAT issue <shrug> Anyway, what is a reasonable
number of clients that a single BM server should support? I am averaging
about 2gigs of data delivered though the proxy per hour (during the
school day). This does not include email and other traffic that is
bypassing the proxy.

I am about to order a 2nd server but I wanted to get some more ideas on
what to expect before I do. My current plan is to add the 2nd server and
have 1 BM server for .com and the 2nd for all other domains. Oh, and
will client trust work when using 2 BM servers? I am getting a lot of
pressure to get 100% uptime for connections to certain state sites
(reporting) and will probably add a 3rd

100mb fiber WAN
12mb fiber to ISP
BM 3.8 on Netware 6.5 - both fully patched with all non-beta patches
using Craig's proxy.cfg and tuneup.ncf
I've followed all TIDs and Docs on setup (ie, no cache NSS volumes, etc)

Buster Flynn
Sevier County Schools