I dont know where to start but anyway, here we go...

We have a lot of students and teachers in our OES2 envrionement. Here's what we need (we assume we have have all the infos to accomplish this task in our eDirectory attributes):

- Students are organise in study group Ex. MAT1234
- Teachers can give multiple courses Ex. MAT1234, SCI5678 and EU9012
- Each students have a home directory with a public directory in it

For example, we need to give access to the public directory of each students in MAT1234 to the teacher of those students.

At first sight it seems not really hard but now... How can we present those students public directory to that teacher like a network share.

Can we build this dynamically each time a teacher logs in, we build a network share with all of his students organise by courses.


Can we acheive this with OES2? After a lot of google searches and I can't find a way to do this, that's why I'm asking...

I really like to thank you for your help it is really appreciated!