Sorry for posting here, but I couldn't find
a better place for questions about the SMT
(Subscription Management Toool)

When patching my OES2 servers through my SMT using rug or zypper
the patching errors out with the novell packages failing integrity check.

I noticed that the disk used on my SMT server for /srv has run out of
disk space. Thus I see the errors about integrity check as understandable.

Question what can I do to free up space on the SMT?
Here's what I got on the SMT;
687M OES2-SP2-Pool
671M OES2-SP2-Online
7.8G SLES10-SP3-Updates
3.0G OES2-SP2-Updates
2.9G SLES10-SP3-Pool
2.4G SLES10-SP3-Online

However when looking at the OES server I see they're only subscribed to
these catalogs;
Yes | OES2-SP2-Updates | Novell Internal SMT server
Yes | SLES10-SP3-Updates | http:///smt/
Yes | SLES10-SP3-Pool | http:///smt/
| OES2-SP2-Pool | http:///smt/
| SLES10-SP3-Online | http:///smt/

Would it be safe to remove OES2-SP2-Pool and SLES10-SP3-Online catalogs from
the SMT until I can add more disk space? And what size would you recommend for a
new disk. Currently I have 25 GB, which I thought would be enough for SLES10 and OES2
but obviously not.