I have a working app that retrieves AddressBook/Contacts, properly sets up and sends email with attachments.

Now I am trying to add the default signature to the outgoing message.

I can successfully get the user's signatures and find the default signature, but I cannot figure out how to add it to the email. I have tried making a message part and adding that to the body with no success. I have read the javadocs, searched the sample code and read everything I can find about signatures in the forums, but I cannot make it work. Any help?

Here's how I am getting the signature, if that helps:
Holder<Signatures> signatures = new Holder<Signatures>();
gwPort.getSignaturesRequest(true, signatures, status);
if(status.value.getCode() != 0) {
isError = true;
errorMsg = status.value.getDescription();
}else {
Signatures usersigs = signatures.value;
List<Signature> mySignatures = usersigs.getSignature();
Signature mySignature = null;
for(int x = 0; x < mySignatures.size(); x++){
mySignature = mySignatures.get(x);
if(mySignature != null){