Hi all
I have a client who is interested in this product...so I did some reading on this forum to gauge how it is going.
The last time I tested NSBS was v1...Let's not go there! <Shudder>

To Simba or not Simba?....

It appears things have improved markedly with 2.5, but it still looks like there are issues with Simba.
I don't want to wast days like I did with v1 of NSBS so I am keen to find out - Is anyone happy with Simba and has it all worked smoothly from initial install?

With the ability to install the components separately (like a NOWS install) and ignore Simba altogether - Is this the best option as has been suggested by some (KBOYLE in particular)?

If the products are installed without Simba, is the install and setup of a couple of the useful open source technologies easy enough - like Amanda and OpenSSL?