I'm looking to install the DS Mobility Pack and received a marketing email from Novell some weeks back stating :
"It also must be run on the 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 platform,"

But the online doc extract below isn't so specific, though it looks implied.
They mention a 64bit processor but not 64 bit SLES 11...as shown here...
Novell Documentation
Hardware requirements for the Synchronizer server:

64-bit/x86 processor
2.2 GHz processor; multi-processor system recommended
45 MB of disk space for the Synchronizer software
200 GB of disk space recommended for data storage during system operation

Data storage disk space varies widely depending on the amount of data being synchronized, the number of users participating in synchronization, the logging level for Synchronizer log files, and other variables specific to your Synchronizer system implementation.

The largest consumers of disk space are the Synchronizer database (/var/lib/pgsql) and Synchronizer log files (/var/log/datasync). You might want to configure the Synchronizer server so that /var is a on separate partition to allow for convenient expansion.

Static IP address
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11, plus the latest Support Pack
The server I was thinking of installing this on is 32-bit SLES 10 Sp1, OES2, Has anyone run it on 32 bit SLES or must I wipe and rebuild (unless I can do an inplace upgrade to 64-bit SLES11/OES2)?

Has anyone got this happily running on a OES2 box?

Also the 200GB of space looks a bit excessive. Can anyone advise what the storage requirements may be for smaller sites of say 5-10, 11-20 or 21-30 users. I know all cases are different but 200GB looks too much like a "one size fits all".