Perhaps this is just me being stupid (I don't really see this info in the docs in terms of explaining fully).

Take a Windows XP machine, install ZCM agent on it.
Reboot (the install requires it)
ZAA pulls down policies/bundles, etc (ie, Inventory shows that it sees an inventory schedule, bundles shows device assigned DAU).

Wait a bit (maybe 30 minutes)

Reboot (not logoff/login, but actual reboot) workstation.
Login again
ZAA shows that there's no inventory policy to be run/assigned and Bundles shows NO Device assignments.
Wait 30 minutes or so. do a refresh page (NOT a right-click refresh on the ZAA). Still no info.
Now, right-click on the ZAA and do a refresh. Now it'll show the information.

I was under the impression that on a reboot, the ZAA would display the items from it's cache or at the least, pull down from the Zone again.

But it seems to behave almost as if the "full device" refresh schedule is hard-coded (like the DAU is hard-coded for 24 hours so no matter how many times you reboot it won't work). Meaning that if the full device refresh is set for say, 6 hours, either you have to wait 6 hours (no amount of rebooting will work) for the ZAA to display the properties, or do a manual refresh.


Or is this just something odd.

I see this same behavior in ZCM 10.3.1 and ZCM 11 as well (two completely diff. setups obviously).
So either it's a bug or me interpreting the refresh and how the ZAA displays/shows what it thinks is assigned or what it's supposed to do.