Excuse the title of the topic, I am getting fed up with this (and I honestly cant see why I need to run this process).
What is it for?

I only "think" I need to run it once, so it doesnt automatically starts imaging again if the computer boots first to PXE, untill the ZCM Agent has updated itself against the imaging server.

If the computer has a network connection, during RunOnceEx, its unable to find the file called ZISWIN.EXE in the path. (It is there)
If its offline, its able to find the executable and runs for ~30 secs.

To work around it, I copied everything from the preboot folder to an image file that is also transfered, and run after ZCM agent is installed, it then works. But it also makes the computer a LOT slower on the reboots afterwards, the screen resolution is forced into 1024x768 / 800x600 (funny on a laptop which doesnt understand to resize or just force it inside the frames).

The information I've seen in Sector 6, is the same with or without(I think...).
Why do I need to run this? It only seems to cause issues. (Please excuse my ranting ;-) )