Hi all,

Thought I'd post this here in case someone has an idea before I go and make things worse...

Yesterday I was updating our two ZCM servers (SLES) from 10.2.2 to 10.3.0a. The first one went fine, but the other didn't. I got the error message

"This device was unable to rebuild the deployment packages. Check the loader-messages.log on the device for more details.",

so I followed some tips on the forums, and after running the zman surp command and rebooted it looked like the server was updated - in ZCC, and in the version.txt file it reported 10.3. After running ZDC on the server, I see a lot of missing files, so I believe that the upgrade wasn't that successful after all.

So, using the tip from this post I tried to "fool" the server into thinking the update wasn't installed. However, now I have a duplicate server in ZCC! (Not sure it has to do with the "fooling" though.) It still has the same name, but the "new" one has a different GUID/serial number and it is missing the fields ZENworks Configuration Management Version and ZENworks Asset Management Version.

The server seems to have re-registered itself somehow, and it looks like it doesn't think it's a primary server anymore...

I'm grateful for any help on this.