Our Dell Poweredge 1500 server running BM3.8 SP5 on Netware 6.5 SP5 has
died. It was originally installed by myself using Craig Johnsons excellent
BM book - the BM server was installed in a separate OU as recommended by

We're only a small shop with 5 users so I'm trying to figure out the best
way to get internet access (Proxy server and access rules) up and running
again and perhaps more importantly E-Mail flowing in and out of Groupwise
which runs on a separate NW6.5 SP5 server.

We have a recent image of the BM server made using Portlock Storage Manager
and also replacement hardware in the form of a HP Proliant DL 350 G6 server.

Would restoring the image of the BM server using Portlock Storage Manager to
the new hardware and then loading the appropriate drivers for the Proliant
NICs using the existing public and private IP addresses get things up and
running again? Or is there a heap of other configuration that would also
need to be done?

Or would it be better to forcibly remove the crashed BM server from the
existing tree and then start again reinstalling Netware and Bordermanager
from scratch on the new hardware using same server name and IP addresses and
then recreating the filters, access control rules etc... (I do have backups
of filters.cfg and access control rules just in case that makes a

Many thanks for any advice.