Dear friends,

This is Daniel here just joined your group.
My system is Win Xp os and want to upload files in dos to an ftp server

I am trying to upload files to a ftp server located at another location

from my client system. I use the FTP program in the DOS prompt. I do
the following.

ftp> open
Connected to
220 FTP server ready
User (
331 Password required for myusername.
230 User myusername logged in.
(aftersometime I am getting the message)
Connection closed by remote host
ftp> dir
not connected

If I am trying to send small files I am able to transfer. If I leave
the session for some time idle then the session closes automatically.

I am able to transfer large without any difficulty from the Windows
Explorer from my system to the FTP server.

Can anyone please help me out please.
I am very desperately in need and it is very urgent as I have created
dos batch files to operate from different location to upload files

When I try this from another system from office even then it is not
working I get the same error message.

Expecting your valuable help.

Thanks in advance for the help.