I'm running a couple of NSS volumes in an Novell OES2 Cluster environment.
Currently there's something going wrong on two of my volumes.

First volume: PROG Size: 190GB
If i look for the volume statistics, iManager tells me that 22.68 GB are
used - but really in use is around 60GB.
All Windows workstations telling the same thing - around 23GB are used -
and also SuSE's "df" says that only 23GB are used:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
PROG 190G 23G 168G 12% /media/nss/PROG

Anyway - these informations are completely wrong.
A filecount on Windows workstations or SuSE finds out, that 58GB are
used (that's much closer to the truth because all files are accessible
from clients).

Second Volume: EDEN_ABR_DATA Size 254GB
The truth is, that this volume is filled up to 210GB.

Anyway - all tools telling me, that there is a lot of free space.
The difference is, that my used space will be decreased by 1..2 GB every
I expected something very exciting when it comes to zero. But id did not
Around 2 weeks ago I had only 7 of my 254GB in use - I woke up the next
morning with 54 GB used space.
I did not find anything special running or strange user activities in
that night.
Since then it's like before - my used space goes down and down.
Currently I'm on 35GB of 254GB.
df reports
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
EDEN_ABR_DATA 254G 35G 220G 14% /media/nss/EDEN_ABR_DATA

Again: All files are accessible, no user is missing something, also my
backup writes around 60GB of data from PROG
and 212GB from EDEN_ABR_DATA to tape every night.
There are four more NSS Volumes with reliable volume statistics.
PROG displays constantly the same wrong information - regardless what
happens on it.
And finally EDEN_ABR_DATA that has every morning some new wrong

Any Idea what's going on?

Btw. ravsui found some warings:
Missing Salvage Entries..............46806

Until now I didn't a rapair.

Thanx, Martin.