I have a base image Windows 7 with the novell client, some plugins and that's all. I use the sysprep command to reseal the image to allow new machines to be considered "unique" (for kms activation, win update etc....). If I image a new machine, I will need to enter a new workstation name. But if I image a machine that have already a windows 7 that was in my zenworks database, does the workstation name will be the same, even after the sysprep process?

I have found that imaging with Windows 7 is much more complicated than Windows XP. Just for the windows activation, it's a pain. And we can't keep the Adaptative zen agent on the image because other machines will have the same identity. So, we need to install the zen agent after.

Is there info from Novell, some best practices, to allow a fully life circle for Win7 machines that are in a Zenworks ZCM database ? We need to be sure that these machines will not corrupt database and we need some clear explanations of how we must rules our windows 7 machines (even the old xp).

By reading the news, I have see that many poeple have questions about how to operate imaging and zen10 with win7.

thank you for your support !