In ZDM7, one has the function to set a run order. This would solve my problem, but I am unable to find it.

I want to run a package that cleans up registry after imaging and reboots the device.

I have made around 100 driver bundles(300 to go...), where I can cherry pick each driver for each device for automatic deployment.
I've resolved it partially by making directive bundles which is assigned to a Dynamic Workstation Group, but the order(chain?) inside the directive bundle is regardless of what I set as top/bottom under actions. (Bundle Dependencies)

I want to be able at a later date to update the device drivers, so its not as "easy" as "just" setting the bundle as not installed upon install/launch, since I want to retain the ability to update drivers.

Any idea on how I can achieve this?

- Drivers are deployed during 2nd boot after mini-setup, which is the final where tons of apps are installed also.
- I want to keep the ability to update drivers also after deployment, incase a driver turns out to be needing an update, so every device gets it, not just those that is reimaged...