Afternoon everyone


Root ZEN Inventory server was using JDBC connection to a SQL 2000 DB for storing inventory but the SQL server was being decommissioned. The primary reason for moving it to SQL was to run Crystal queries on the data, but as this was never done, I decided we could live with it on the default Sybase DB.

1) Created a new set of 'mgmtxx.db' files by extracting them from the JAR on the installation CD

2) Brought up the management and NAL db's with the Sybase engine and all looks OK

3) Changed the information in the Server DN, and IP address on the ZENworks DB tab and set to Sybase with default settings and the IP of the server on the JDBC driver information tab on the DB eDirectory object

4) Re-enabled roll-up policies on leaf DB servers and bounced inventory services

5) Watched as rollups are being added to the master DB eg.

Storer: Full scan being processed for CN=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.OU=HUBG.OU=WRKSTNS.OU
Storer: Successfully stored the information for CN=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.OU=HUBG.OU=
WRKSTNS.OU=CORE.OU=NHS.O=BCC time taken: 4400

DB now running at 332Mb

Problem is that although I can still connect to all our leaf DB's through C1, when I try to connect to the master, I get

'Unable to connect to the inventory database'
'Ensure that the database object properties are set properly and Database is up and running'

Combed all the settings and all seems OK.

Is this to do with C1 snap-ins? I suspect not because I can connect to all the other leaf DB's, some of which are on ZEN 6.5 and others on 7.1, like the root one.

Can anyone offer any more suggestions please?

Thanks in advance