A client has a NW 6.5 server that is installed on a RAID 5, with 5 drives. Last week he ordered 2 new drives as 2 of the drives indicated that they need to be replaced.

This is on an HP Proliant ML350 G5.

From what he says, he pulled one of the bad drives and replaced it with a new one. He says the rebuild process completed before he tried replacing the other bad drive. He then pulled the second bad drive and put in the new one. He says that almost immediately a box popped up for all the users stating that the server was unavailable. He says there was a message on the console screen asking for a reboot. After the reboot the server is dead.

Upon boot it stalls at "Loading Bootstrap" and never gets any further.

I suspect he tried to replace the last dead drive before the first was done rebuilding and thus corrupted the array.

So my question I guess is how can I recover this?

Is there any recovery software out there that can handle NW volumes? Is there anything recommeded by the great users here?

This guy does not keep very good backups and I suspect the backup he has from lastweek will not be acceptable.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.