Hello all,

Not sure this is where I should post this issue but here we go.

This weekend my BM server, NW6.5 SP7 and BM 3.9 SP2, crashed. Every attempt to bring the server backup crashes immediately or starts a string of abends - not logged abends.

If I do not allow BRD services to start, the server appears to run fine. I can load filters but not any proxy services.

I have a twin system at another building and I have copied the proxy.nlm and the proxy.cfg files from that server and the problem still occurs.

Any ideas as to where I can go from here? I was considering reinstalling BM 3.9 SP2, just the service pack, and see if that corrects this problem.

I am running a different proxy.nlm that was provided by Novell engineering for my Dell PowerEdge 1950 server.

Timesync is good on all servers. DS is clean on all partitions. The BM servers are in their own partitions and have read write access to the root partition.

Any and all input is appreciated.

Steve D.