If you have an "install network msi" action, with a complete path defined.
Then if you want to manual change the main path to the msi, as example you change one letter in the path, the all the other install parameters are changed with extra ""

As example:

Msi file:
"O:\adobe\reader\9.1\Adobe reader 9.1.msi"
Normall the install path =
/i "O:\adobe\reader\9.1\Adobe reader 9.1.msi" /qn
then change one letter in the msi file path
And see:
/i ""O:\adobe\reader\9.1\Adobe reader 9.1.msi"" /qn

Is this normal ? i think it's very annoying.
Maybe it's a bug so i want to know if this is also the case in ZCM11

Hope you understand my question.