We run BorderManager 3.8 sp3 with Connectotel Linkwall Suite. We are also
running Sophos anti-virus across the school and we use a product called
Sophos Enterprise Manager to pick up the updates and distribute them to
the servers, who in-turn update the clients. We have had this all working
fine, but in terms of getting Enterprise Manager to pick up the updates
through Bordermanager this was more by trial and error rather than science!

We are now having a lot of problems getting Enterprise Manager to pickup
the updates. This is our current setup / issue as follows:

Windows XP Pro workstation (SP1 with all patches up to SP2)
Novell Client 4.91
Novell Workstation Agent ir5
Sophos EM v1.1
Static IP address

No other software installed

PC can access Internet and you can browse to update site, login and copy

Sophos EM configured to access site but can't contact parent (update site)
all proxy settings seem correct

Sophos EM Message log says:

Category: Update
Source: EM Library
Return code: 0xc0000ff1
Time: 17:03:13
Date: 11/10/2005

Description: The "\\SOPHOSEMSERVER\SophosEM" library update task has
failed. INDEX 0x8000ffff
Update failed. Parent could not be accessed. Check the parent address/path
and access settings. INDEX 0x8000ffff
Access to primary parent denied. Check username and password settings by
right-clicking "Enterprise Manager Library" and selecting "Properties".
INDEX 0x80040414
Could not read the EM Library database. MCID 0x80040414
Failed to authenticate with the server. HTTP status code: 401
(Unauthorized) VFS 0x80040414
Failed to authenticate with the server. HTTP status code: 401
(Unauthorized) VFS 0x80040414

We have tried:

Moving subnets
Clean install of XP with no Novell client etc
Different version of NWClient (oldest that worked with XP)
Win XP with SP2
Different versions of CLNTRUST
Logged into eDirectory with no workstation Profile
Changed setting in IE6 to see if that had any effect
EM Running outside of BM works without problem
Unloading Linkwall filtering (temporarily)

We would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue which
we have now been struggling with for some time.


Sutherland Smith
Network Support
Trinity School