Hi Everyone, my name's Chris Oakley, I work at the local uni doing desktop support, and, when I get a minute free I am trying to develop a decent imaging setup with zcm 10.3.

So my problem is this; I have created a bundle group named Staff-Image, this group's members include all of the relevant software, registry tweaks, and other application bundles necessary to create a Staff PC from a base imaged machine.
I was really hoping I would then be able to make a copy of this group, so as to save me the laborious task of having to add almost everything again every time I wish to create a new bundle group with slight variations (for student PCs of different faculties, lecture theaters etc.)
Unfortunately I cannot do this, when I use zenworks management interface, browse to the bundle group, and select it, look in the Edit menu, the copy command is always grayed out. Does anyone know if this is normal behavior for zenworks or am I just missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help, Cheers!