Hi, our test Supermicro server doesn't have hardware RAID, so I am trying to set up an SLES10 SP3 / OES2 SP2 server using software RAID. Additional requirement is to install NSS. There are 2 hard drives in the chassis, so I am using RAID 1 for redundancy.

I set up a 2GB partition on each hdd and created a software RAID 1 (device md0) to use as swap. Then I set up a 16GB partition on each hdd and created a 2nd software RAID (device md1) mounted as /.

I installed all of the software. The server initially fails to boot, but can be made bootable by following this article - Installing SLES on Software RAID1 | Novell User Communities - and installing grub on both drives. So far, so good.

The problem is I can't get EVMS to manage rest of the unpartitioned space on the drives. I still want the NSS pools to be in a software RAID 1. I used iManager Storage...Software RAID module to create a RAID with the remaining space, but it basically blew up the server and caused the loss of the existing RAIDs.

Does anyone have experience with putting NSS on software RAID?