im having some serious speed issues with the SAN. We have the SAN correctly setup, we have had several people look at it including manufacturer.

We have WinXp sp3, Dell MD3200i SAN, Gigabit network, Novell netware Client

If i change the preferences of the provider order under advanced settings Network connections, i get a faster time when the Microsoft Windows Network is the first as opposed to the Netware Services.

when i change this though, Novell server access doesnt work. I need access to the SAN and fast Novell servers... how to change?

Any ideas? i have Wireshark things i could upload if it could help...

Summary: accessing windows SAN through a Windows 2008 server on a windows xp machine, with the novell client installed is painfully slow. The root directory is fastish but subfolders take 10 minutes plus.
although when it has been accessed once it comes good on the speed.