I have a BorderManager 3.8 server (with SP2) running on a NetWare 6.5
server with NW65SP4A and the TCPIP update installed. I have a separate
Windows 2000 server locally that is running an IIS website

My problem is that users that try to get to the local website (a separate
server) they are sometimes redirected to the bordermanager nps/Imanager
page when trying to go to the local website. (intranet.xxx.com) Internal
DNS is setup correctly, and from these same machines if I ping
intranet.xxx.com, I get the correct IP address. Still, unless I setup
exceptions in the connections tab of my browser, I keep getting redirected
to iManager on the BorderManager server.

This will be a problem because we have users bringing in their own laptops
and connecting to the network through wireless, and without sending down a
hack to their browsers to exclude this site, they are having the same
problems trying to get to the local website.