Hi there,

At work we are in the process of setting up a DMZ buffer zone between the
Internet and our local LAN/WAN. The DMZ zone contains a Bordermanager
server that proxies traffic to and from the Internet. Im now at the stage
where I need to look at setting up our Bordermanager server to proxy SMTP
traffic between Groupwise and the Internet.

After having a quick look at it I decided I could possibly either go with
the Bordermanager Mail proxy option or just set up a Generic TCP proxy on
the SMTP port (25) for SMTP traffic redirection.

Personally I favour the second option, as it does seem like it would be
much simpler to set up and manage and I doubt we need many of the options
that the Bordermanager mail proxy offers, but I thought I should check with
the forums first. Should I seriously look at implementing the Bordermanager
mail proxy functionality or just set it up with a generic straight through
SMTP proxy.

Many thanks
Erik Hogan