Sorry for the long email but I thought it would be easier for the learned
expert out there to identify the quickest way to solve a problem.

BM 3.8.4 / NW 6.5.4 server was working great, users could access Internet
through SSL-based proxy authentication login page.
I was told by a Novell BrdrMgr tech that the SYS:ETC/HOSTS.CFG should show
a line like the following for the server's Private IP: SERVER1

Our customer's server's name in eDirectory is Server1, but the HOSTS.CFG
originally showed: mail

Our server's Public DNS name is literally
What should the correct HOSTS.CFG show? By the way we are not running DNS

After I changed this setting and restarted the server, anyone attempting
to access the Internet gets a failure page. I can see it trying to re-
route to https://server/BM-Login?/%22 which
fails. If change the command to read it works.

Based on some TID perviewing, is it correct that I need to re-create the
Key Material Object in NWADMN32 and replace it in the BM / Proxy
Authentication area? Is there any other way? Any point in putting the
HOSTS.CFG back the way it was, restarting the server, and doing a PKIDIAG
to fix the certificate?

Thanks in advance . . . Love the forums ! ! !